About IACC

IACC Chemical Solutions Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of PVS Chemicals, Inc. in USA. Our plant is located in Bangpoo industrial estate, just next to Bangkok in Samut Prakarn province, Thailand.

IACC is a leading manufacturer of chlorinated paraffin in Asian.  Our products are well known under Inneflex and Zynplus brands used in various applications such as PVC, metal working fluid, rubber, paint and etc.

In addition, IACC is a Professional Toll Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer providing production solutions in areas of blending, repacking, and filling service of various chemicals. IACC is blending specialist in water, oil , flammable and corrosive products.


We are also manufacturing and supplying Automotive Coolant Products and Specialty Cleaning Products, including contract manufacturing for private labels.


IACC ‘s legacy was back from original establishment in 1988 when ICI group UK formed a new joint venture company with a century years old East Asiatic Thailand company.  ICI Asiatic Chemicals Company (IACC) was formed as a first chlorinated manufacturer in Asian in 1988 together with international standard chemical blending plant.  In 2001, Ineos UK became major shareholder until 2012 before PVS Chemicals USA acquired 100 % share from Ineos.







• Established a joint venture between ICI UK            group and East Asiatic Company

• Plant construction start in August


• First production of Chlorinated Paraffin and          Start up of Chemicals Blending plant


• Prime Minister Outstanding Safety Health &          Environment awarded


• Ineos UK acquired share from ICI and became        major shareholder


• Ineos UK became 100 % shareholder


• PVS Chemicals USA acquired 100 % share of           IACC


• Expansion of blending capability to oil base           blending



• Expansion of blending capability to flammable       blending

• Expansion of capacity for corrosive products           blending


• Achieved 6.3 million hours without lost time           injury

• ISO 9001/14001/OHSAS 18001 / TIS 18001            Certified

• Halal /  NSF Certified

• ISRS safety rating Certified

• Green system Certified